http://www.alaskaanthropology.org - the Alaska Anthropological Association is a great organization

https://www.willamettewriters.org - I get many ideas from their lectures and classes

http://www.borealimagery.com - click to see wonderful photographs by my friend and colleague, Dale Slaughter. many of the photos here are Dale's

http://www.kaladicoffee.com - the best coffee in Alaska - they ship to the lower 48!

http://www.uaa.edu - the OTHER University, this one in Anchortown.

http://www.uaf.edu - The oldest and most REAL U of A- Fairbanks, home of the Arctic Research Institute, Aurora Borealis center, a great Museum and anthro dept

http://wmspear.com - the weirdest of the weird-own one or several of these great pins, jacket pulls or fish lures 

http://army-navy-store.com - hey, get your Carhartts here! Also monkey gloves, space blankets, bungee cords, Mountain House freeze dried food!

This is me at Acoma Pueblo, May 2009. It rained for 10 minutes the day I was there--hadn't rained in months.