http://www.alaskaanthropology.org - the Alaska Anthropological Association is a great organization

 http://www.alaskastatesociety.com- my home away from home in DC with great parties on the Hill; always salmon and sometimes even pilot bread!

http://www.amerindywriters.org - American Independent Writers - great organization based here in DC for fledglings like myself

http://www.borealimagery.com - click to see wonderful photographs by my friend and colleague, Dale Slaughter. many of the photos here are Dale's

http://www.kaladicoffee.com - the best coffee in Alaska - they ship to the lower 48!

http://www.uaa.edu - the OTHER University, this one in Anchortown.

http://www.uaf.edu - The oldest and most REAL U of A- Fairbanks, home of the Arctic Research Institute, Aurora Borealis center, a great Museum and anthro dept

http://wmspear.com - the weirdest of the weird-own one or several of these great pins, jacket pulls or fish lures 

http://army-navy-store.com - hey, get your Carhartts here! Also monkey gloves, space blankets, bungee cords, Mountain House freeze dried food!

This is me at Acoma Pueblo, May 2009. It is way cool...